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*2011 Super Lawyers Magazine selected McGee as a Mid-South Rising Star in the practice area of Tax Law;

2012 Super Lawyers Magazine, again, selected McGee as a Mid-South Rising Star in the practice area of Tax Law;

2013 Super Lawyers Magazine, again, selected McGee as a Mid-South Rising Star in the practice area of Tax Law;

2014 Super Lawyers Magazine, again, selected McGee as a Mid-South Rising Star in the practice area of Tax Law;





I'm Jimmy McGee, a Licensed Tax Attorney with offices conveniently located in Texas and Mississippi.  During my legal career, I have represented over one thousand taxpayers in cases involving the IRS; State Departments of Revenue ("DOR"); Criminal Investigations for Tax Evasion & Fraud; and Complex Tax Planning Matters for Individuals and Businesses.  

I have developed my law practice by providing aggressive legal representation against the IRS (or DOR). The tax laws are made up of detailed rules, regulations, and guidelines that apply not only to taxpayers, but to the taxing authorities as well. My approach involves holding the IRS (DOR) accountable under the law and fighting hard to best represent my client's interest. Although my firm successfully resolves many cases through administrative procedures, I am never reluctant to use litigation or removal to appellate jurisdiction in order to obtain the best results for my clients. McGee Tax Law has the knowledge, experience, and resources to obtain the results you are entitled to.  Give us a call. 

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Disclaimer & Circular  230 Compliance:  The Law Office of James G. McGee, Jr., PLLC dba McGee Tax Law is a Professional Limited Liability Company licensed to practice law in Texas, Mississippi, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The firm is also licensed to practice federal tax law before the United States Tax Court in all 50 states.  Each Attorney and CPA practicing with the firm are members of either the Mississippi and/or Texas State Bar Association or the Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants. Each Attorney/CPA is registered with the Internal Revenue Service and holds a valid Federal CAF (Centralized Authorization File) Number.  McGee Tax Law practices in strict conformity with Federal Law, Mississippi Law, and Texas Law.  The firm is Circular 230 compliant and subscribes to IRS and Congressional notifications advising of recent changes in the tax law.  McGee Tax Law IS NOT a "tax resolution firm"; IS NOT a marketing company promoting "tax resolution services"; DOES NOT promote frivolous "pennies on the dollar settlements" ; and DOES NOT engage in fee arrangements outside the scope of permissible fee engagements promulgated by the Mississippi and Texas Bar Associations; the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (and related statutes); and the ABA Model Rules of Ethics. 

Our primary goal is to  focus on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. Although we zealously represent each of our clients, we temper our aggressiveness with realistic expectations that fall within: 1) the boundaries of the tax law, and 2) our client's economic expectations.Over the years I have seen the frustration and anxiety felt by taxpayers that are simply trying to resolve their issues with the government.  If you're frustrated; if tax problems are causing you sleepless nights; or, you simply feel like there is no end in sight, please call me today.  Real solutions do exist.  

James G. "Jimmy" McGee, Jr. Attorney at Law / Managing Partner


In recent years, there has been an explosion of companies claiming to be experts in resolving tax problems. These companies frequently boast about their "IRS Tax Attorneys" (although no attorney names or credentials are ever disclosed); or, they claim to be "Former IRS Employees with inside knowledge of the workings of the IRS."  
The results these companies claim to be able to achieve are frequently unrealistic and often not even legally plausible. Most of these companies are located in some far-off, out-of-state location, and many of them boast a high "BBB" (Better Business Bureau) rating.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with a BBB rating, please keep in mind that there are bona fide attorney rating services (such as Martindale-Hubbell) that evaluate and grade licensed attorneys based upon their practice area, experience, disciplinary history, etc. Finally, many of these companies claim to be aware of a "one-time, limited IRS program" which eludes to some form of taxpayer amnesty or "IRS Hotline" leery of these hooks.  

While some of these companies may be legitimate and may offer authentic professional services, there are a number of factors to consider before selecting one of these companies instead of hiring a licensed Tax Attorney or CPA. I often ask why, if these companies have nothing to hide, won't they tell you the names of the principals or owners of the company?  Who are these "former" IRS Employees?  Is the company even registered to do business in your state?  What are your legal rights if something goes wrong?  If something goes wrong can you complain to the local Bar or CPA Association or will you have to hire a lawyer to try to recover your damages?  I have seen lots of innocent taxpayers have very bad experiences with out of state tax resolution companies ranging from lost "professional" fees, to missed deadlines, even to encountering criminal investigations resulting from "fraudulent" offer in compromise filings. Please do your homework and research, research, research before you place your financial well-being, and possibly even your freedom, in the hands of a non-licensed "tax professional." 

IRS Alert

As a practicing Tax Attorney, I am frequently asked about the reality of "pennies on the dollar" deals or about the legitimacy of tax relief promises made by mass-media promoters that simply "sound too good to be true."  In response, I generally reference the Consumer Alert published by the IRS in IR-2004-17, Feb 3, 2004.

The alert states "The OIC may be considered only after other payment options have been exhausted. If taxpayers are unable to pay their taxes in full, there are other payment options, such as monthly installment agreements, that must be explored before an OIC can be submitted." While Offers in Compromise are accepted by the IRS, it is usually when the taxpayer has experienced extreme financial hardship, has very little equity in assets, and has limited future earning potential.  The IRS has formulas to determine if a taxpayer is even eligible for an Offer.  If a "tax professional" advises you to file an Offer in Compromise without conducting some preliminary financial analysis, I would recommend asking more questions or even getting a second opinion. 

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